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Pool Glass Industries is here to provide the most innovative glass design and application’s to the pool industry, architectural, commercial and domestic markets.

Over the past 30 years Multi Award winning Clinton Adams has designed, manufactured and installed some of Australia’s most prestigious buildings and private residences. Working with clients, designers and architects in many industries has created the experience and knowledge to be able to offer our clients there desired result in both quality and design.

Frameless Glass Pool Fences.

Glass creates a barrier like no other material timeless and elegant , giving your Pool and Landscaping  the best opportunity to be visibly uninterrupted.

Toughened Safety glass is used in every installation; frameless glass is required to be a minimum of 12mm in thickness with polished edges. The minimum height requirement is 1200mm from ground level to meet Australian standards.



“We only offer the best”, Duplex 2205 Stainless steel. You have peace of mind knowing your pool fence hardware will not fail you. Gate hinges and Floor springs are especially critical; they must close correctly every time this one action could lead to possible endangerment of life , quality of this product should never be sacrificed.

Pool Walls and Windows.

Pool walls are one of the most exciting developments in pools creating a visual enhancement of light, space and reflection giving your pool dimensional depth and open view. Glass is engineered specifically for each project using multiple layers of Toughened Glass with a structural interlayer laminated together, the glass can be directly installed into a concreate channel for Pool walls or a  rebated recess for Pool windows giving a seem less finish. Silicon used for installation is a highly chemical resistant, fast curing, durable and a one-component joint seal designed for under water applications. Non-Shrink grout is designed to be a anti-wash out, specialist grout for under water applications.

Why Glass?

  • Durability

    Glass is a hard surface material giving a greater resistance than Acrylic against scuffing and scratching when cleaning or Jewellery and other hard material’s brush across the surface.

  • Strength

    Toughened laminated glass is used for many applications in the Building and Security industries. The special interlayer is bonded to the glass using heat and pressure ensuring the glass is inseparable from the interlayer.

    Polished edges are CNC machined giving a rounded profile creating a high impact edge due the rounded edge deflecting impact, traditional edge work on glass is flat  giving impact opportunity to chip the glass.

  • Clarity

    Glass gives a visual quality and clarity this is especially noticeable when the water line is low against the glass leaving 800mm of clear to see through to the top edge of the glass. As light passes through the glass with no distortion, impurities or possible yellowing from UV sun light in un-natural Acrylic Glass gives you the ultimate finish to your project.

  • Profile

    Glass pool walls in many cases will be 25mm to 35mm in thickness giving a thin profile line top and side edge of the glass wall giving a modern and stylish finish to your Pool.

    Pool windows will generally be 40mm to 60mm in thickness made to specification depending on the size of the panel and position in the pool.

    Pre-Planning and Engineering is essential.

    We work through the Engineering for you and with your Pool builder, Architect or Designer.

It’s All About the Design.

Glass balustrading is one of the features in your project you want to get right then first time, it is a visually important part to the overall finish your to your project, our consultant will work with you to atchive the best possible result. We can offer a range of glass finishes in Clear ,tinted and obscured if privacy is required.

All glass installed by Pool Glass Industries will meet Australian Standards AS/NZ-1288 & 2006.

Please note where there is a fall or drop off greater than 1 meter the glass is subject to engineering specification.


Keeping the look of an open space ,being safe and secure is the main function of a glass balustrade along with giving your project the finishing touch. Pool Glass Industries have decades of experience in Residential and Commercial projects. We will design a Balustrade system for you to at chive the safety requirements necessary to meet Australian Standards.

Custom Glass Projects.

What it is to know glass!

With 30+ years of Designing ,Manufacturing  and installing Custom glass projects in Australia and overseas we are at the fore front of glass technology and innovation having extensive experience in Formed glass, Printing on glass, Glass processing , Glass Illumination and product development applied in many industries. Pool Glass industries can offer our clients a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure your vision is created or created for you.


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